Ministry of Usher / Greeter.

Liturgical hospitality at Our Lady of the Rosary means meeting and greeting parishioners and visitors to the parish, helping them to be comfortable in their surroundings. As an Usher, you will also assist in the distribution of worship aids before Mass, taking up the collection, assisting people as they go to communion, and distributing the bulleting after Mass. Perhaps even getting individuals or families to bring up the gifts during the Liturgy.

Who can be an Usher/Greeter?

Any parishioner who has the desire to greet people and be a welcoming presence before, during, and after Mass is eligible to be an Usher/Greeter. All extraordinary ministers are asked to take part in this as they are gathered for Mass to begin.

How often will I serve?

Depending on what Mass you attend, it can be as often as twice a month or as little as once every couple of months.