What does it mean to be a homebound parishioner?

When illness, whether chronic or continuous, makes it difficult or impossible to get to Church on a weekly basis then the ministers of Holy Communion in the parish will visit with the homebound person, bring them God’s Word, Holy Communion and the continuing presence of the community at Our Lady of the Rosary.

What is a Minister to the Homebound?

The parish of Our Lady of the Rosary is graced by a number of lay persons who willingly visit homebound parishioners. When they visit they normally bring communion for the homebound person, and share with them the Word of God.

I am not completely homebound, but find it difficult to attend Mass due to my disability?

While we remind everyone that Our Lady of the Rosary is handicap accessible, if you find it difficult to get to Church each week due to a disability, our ministers to the homebound will visit you with communion when you call the parish office ahead of time to make arrangements.

How do I request a visit?

Contact the parish office with a short description of the situation and we will schedule a visit with a Minister of Holy Communion as soon as possible.


Want to volunteer for this wonderful ministry?

We are in need of people that are willing to share the Word, and Christ in the Eucharist with those that are not able to be physically present with us at Mass. If you are willing to do these joy filled home visits please fill out the form below with your availability. The schedule is very flexible; however, we are in great need to add others to this ministry!

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