Learn more about our Lenten Environment ~ click  here

Learn more about our Lenten Environment ~ click here


Because the assembly gathers in the presence of God to celebrate God’s saving deeds, the climate of liturgy is one of awe, mystery, wonder, reverence, thanksgiving and praise. It cannot be satisfied with anything less than the beautiful in its environment and all its artifacts, movements and appeals to the senses. The beautiful is related to the holy.


The Liturgical Environment Ministry is called to serve the parish in preparing an environment for worship that will invite the community to raise their hearts and minds to God in full, conscious and active participation. The goal is to care for all the elements of worship ensuring that the environment is appropriate, authentic, beautiful and accessible.

The Liturgical Environment Team decorates the church to reflect both the liturgical season and the scriptural readings for the season. The kind of person interested in this ministry tends to enjoy learning more about the liturgical seasons and tends to enjoy art, crafts, sewing, building, painting, hanging lights on Christmas trees, arranging and watering flowers.

There are many levels of commitment. We have planners, artists, writers, and also a cadre of people who come to help install or put away as the seasons change.

During Ordinary Time we need flower arrangers to explore our extensive collection of artificial flowers to make arrangements. During Easter and Christmas we need people to arrange and care for live flowers.

We have planning meetings a few times a year. Much of the production or flower arranging can be done at your convenience. People work on projects at home, at church, alone, with a partner, or in a group. We have people from 18 to 80 in our ministry with all levels of talent and desire to help.  The time commitment tends to consolidate around the change of seasons.

In addition to the work of the committee we have a need for crafts people who are willing to take on an occasional project. Get on our list of sewers, painters, and builders.

For more information please contact Sarah Connolly

Some who help with the ministry add their thoughts here:

“Service is contagious especially when it is done joyfully and if you experience that, then you know that you are in the right ministry.”

 “There is a comradery, a sisterhood, with the ladies in the parish who participate in this ministry.  It makes me feel more of a part of the parish and I feel great pride when projects are completed and proud to have been a part of it.  Even if you catch and carry you are a part of it and it is rewarding.”

“We as the Body of Christ each have God given talents. Using your talents seems to me to be one of the best ways to thank and praise God.”

 “What I like best about the environment ministry is that it helps fellow parishioners become more aware of the liturgical seasons. People tell me it helps them to understand the spirit of the season and to be more involved in the purpose for the changing seasons. We have a beautiful church instituted by Christ and the liturgy’s purpose is to draw us toward Christ.”

 "I need it.  It makes my spirit soar!!  And it makes me feel a part of the parish."

 “To be a part in honoring God by adding creative touches to His house has greatly blessed me.  To be a part of this ministry is not solely about creativity as it is about love and service not only to God but to our parish family.  This group continually inspires me with the way in which they go about enhancing our worship space with humility, reverence, humor and love.  I am grateful for the opportunity to grow in grace by participating in this ministry.”